I dreamed of ayah last night.

I went somewhere with emak and he was there. All handsome, smiling and telling people about his job, as always. And you know what, the person he was talking to was Chika’s husband.

I did not understand why he was there because I knew he was no longer with us. I got scared and confused but happy at the same time. Happy that he was looking happy and healthy. 


And then something happened, I got into trouble and he saved me.

Like he always did, making sure I feel ok and safe.



Oh I miss you ayah.

You are the only man that loved me more than I could ask for.


I hope you are doing good over there.

I hope He hears my prayers to spare you from any misery.


I love you.

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Welcome back, says the haze

I am back in Shah Alam.

The first thing that greeted me was the thick haze. And by the time I reached home, I already had a sore eye – red and swollen.

When I woke up today, I could not start coughing and the throat is feeling weird.

I need to be healthy for the remaining 8 days yeah. Getting sick while on my trip back is not something that I welcome. Lots of things to do, people to see and food to eat ehehe.

Ninja. Can you see my swollen eyes?

Ninja. Can you see my swollen eyes?

So I decided perhaps it’s the best for me to hide behind the mask. Jimat sikit lipstick aku hehe.


But the joy of seeing my mum beats the misery of the stupid thick haze. We chatted all the way from the airport and home and she filled me in with the latest gossip. And last night, I slept in her bed. As I was lying, I could not help thinking about ayah and how many times more I get to sleep like this with emak on my side.

Almost 2 years gone but it is still hard very hard for me to accept that he is no longer with us. Returning to this house, albeit seeing emak face,hurts me a lot. If emak is no longer here, I am not sure whether I will be going back again. It would rip me apart to do that, I think.

Anyway. enough oh cerita sedih.

This girl is getting cheekier [and more degil] now.

Tak mau cmawhore bersama

Tak mau camwhore bersama

She was busy watching some abc show and refused to look at the camera.

Did not managed to buy he new toys this time, tak sempat. When I told this to emak she said, no need to buy, she has a lot. Don’t spoil her. I admit, I memang menjakan her, my one and only niece kot. But I am also garang with her when she is being stubborn or act inappropriately. But she is scared of Swirly the most, padahal mamat tu tak buat apa-apa pun. She will be the most polite when sitting/playing with him.

Oklah, I need to mandi and decide what to have for lunch after this.

Hihihi bestnya dapat makan sedap!




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Encik Ah Chong

Bedmate is on leave today and we planned to go to the market this morning. After waking me and everything, I woke him up and went to have my dose of the morning gossip on the Internet.

While I was enjoying myself menyibuk with the latest gossips, he came.

He: “Bakal Nikah Mac Ini, Bekas Suami XXX Fitting Baju Kahwin” What the hell? This also want to keluar news ka?*shaking head.

Me: What to dolah, people seems want to know what he’s up to [and then I asked myself, who exactly wants to know? Tsk]

He: Why don’t they write about Encik Ah Chong mencuba baju pengantin pulak.

Me: Who wants to know about Encik Ah Chonglaaa, nobody knows him. Not interesting at all.

He: Yalah, now people don’t know him. Cuba write that article first and next week write some more and then some moree then you can ask your friend “Eh, kau tau pasal Encik Ah Chong?”

Me: Eh?

He: “Alaaa, Encik Ah Chong yang selalu keluar gossip pasal dia tuuuu, kan dia femes.”See lama-lama he famouslah!


Diaa nii always like this tau, always like to mempermainkan aktiviti-aktiviti tak berfaedahku.


But what I don’t like is what he says, no matter how absurd they sound, always make sense. And I hate it when that happens, sebab aku tak tau nak balas apa balik.


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