Becky the strong!

in crap

After I lost my phone last year, I went back using my old phone – Nokia E71.

Masa tu nak beli phone baru macam kedekut and the new model will be out soon so I thought, just waitlah [little that I know they come out with the 4S model instaed of 5. Hoh!]

Ramai yang memandang keji dan serong terhadap Nokia aku ni, sampai Nicky called her “Norkiah” instead of Nokia. And unlike other smartphones, using E71 was sort of hazab coz accessing twitter, 4square and others were not that easy. Instagram jangan cakapla, memang tak ado!


I have to say, my nokia adalah sangat durable dan dependable.

Yes, she does threw some tantrum once in a while – freeze, degil tak mau ikut arahan, slowloading etc yet I understood why. I mean, if your phone have gone through trauma like she did, you would understand.

First trauma was back in 2010, this was before I convert to embrace the jewish-satanic-tool creation. Ah Beng was still around that time [miss you!] and his hobby includes peeing on everything.

So one day, after frying some fish, I wanted to use the phone when I find out it was swimming in a yellow puddle. Yes, yellow with a smell I refuse to describe.

Can you imagine how Becky [the nokia] feel that time?

Chibai, the stupid cat peed on meeee!

I think she was angry because after that she show her tantrum by not following my orders. Aku click home dia pergi phone book, aku click “a” dia type “k”.

But it doesn’t last for too long, few days or maybe a week later, she went back to her normal self, minus the hancing smell of course.


And the second incident happened last year, around November I think.

I went to pasar malam carrying my own grocery bag. Didn’t bring any other bag so I put Becky in that bag.

Tapi aku terlupa yang dia ada dalam tu lepas beli segala barang which includes ikan seplastik.


When I got home, Becky was swimming with the dead fishies.

Did she mengamuk?

Oh yes, she refused to start but after I wiped and belai her, she showed her face tapi like last time, tak nak dengar cakap. But like last time jugak, she was ok after few days [well, minus the hanyir smell walaupun aku dah wipe bejuta kali :|]

Dan dia juga tidak terlepas dari menjadi mangsa anak buah aku

phone new



Hilang satu keypad.

But that keypad yang situ memang dah loose pun. Tunggu masa je nak tercabut.

It was the “shift” button. Sangat azab bila nak tulis nombor or nak guna symbol ok! Rasa nak mengamuk sambil mengguling atas simen.


Despite all that, Becky can still be used [dengan kesabaran yang amat tinggi]

I wonder, if the jewish-satanic-tool go through all these trauma will it still be like Becky?


I don’t think so.

But that does not mean I will stop befriending the satan, because his tool is truly intoxicating.

Damn you satan!

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  • Friday, 1 February 2013 - 9 am, 9:19 am Uda

    norkiah mmg kuat. mine dulu masuk lobang jamban. menyelam trus. lps bukak all parts & kering kan, good as new :-)

    p.s. Mr. Satan DragonBall!!! ;-)


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