Worried and suffocated

in deep thinking

Sometimes I feel so helpless and scared.

I wished that things will be easier for me and my loved ones. It scares me so much that I am a burden to them, I do not want them to feel suffocated by me or feel that I am restricting them.

I used to have my dad to turned to when things go wrong but now, he is no more here to help me.


But I believe in Him.

As an ungrateful servant as I am, He has helped me so many manyyyy times until at times I feel ashamed for asking too much. But if it’s not Him to ask, then to who else should I seek help?


And whatever may come, I will embrace it with an open heart- good or bad.

For He knows the best and I believe that no matter how bad the situation will be, I will always be under His shelter.


Faith is something that helps human to continue living, to go on

And I am thankful I have one.





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  • Tuesday, 4 December 2012 - 10 am, 10:16 am Uda

    He will always be there for all

    p.s. Believe


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