Istanbul, aku datang.

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When I find out that Istanbul, aku datang was directed by Bernard Chauly, I immediately said yes to watching it. I mean I looooveeee gol & gincu and pisau cukur, surely Istanbul, aku datang would not frustrates as well.

And it didn’t!

There is no need to summarise the storyline here I think because you can easily google it. To me, the story line was cliche and predictable but there is something in this movie that made me didn’t mind watching it.

Movie ini sweet, sesuai di tonton bersama girlfriends, kalau ajak boyfriend probobly he will snicker because they were some scenes yang boleh mendatangkan kejian but for girls,bila dah layan sweet, semua boleh by pass.

Anyway, here is what I like and I don’t like about this movie.

Don’t click more if you don’t want to read spoilers!

What I like:-

  1.  I don’t really like Lisa Surihani’s movies previously. Not that I don’t like her, I like her she’s cute but most of her previous movies adalah membuatkan otak bernanah, probobly sebab ada kaitan dengan David Teoh but she really did it in this movie.
  2. You can not not like her in this one. And I love her quirky wardrobe [although tak masuk akal kau jalan dengan laluan berbatu batu pakai heels]

  3. I like the script or dialogue, as usual Rafidah is bersahaja dan kadang-kadang kelakar. Tak rasa rempir or awkward.
  4. Usually, hero filem yang dipilih are the very good looking ones but this one, I would say, believable face. Beto, who I only knew while flipping in channels on Astro – saw him in jangan ambil padang kami, looks like the normal guys we see walking on the street everyday.
  5. I like that.

  6. I also like when they use tomok, you know, cinta zaman sekolah, doesn’t have to be sooo good looking, kurus keding pun, tak berapa tinggi pun tetap cinta.
  7. To me, tomok’s acting is bolehlah, takdelah buruk sangat. Cuma, aku ingat dia sorokkan yang dia sebenarnya gay haha.
  8. Dan seperti biasa, Rafidah will always portray, walaupun the lady nampak lemah and dependable, they were actually strong. I like that.
  9. Dian [Lisa] find her own way in Istanbul and try to do many things on her own sebab tak mau menyusahkan orang, something that I can relate to.

    Girl power without being too feminist and tak melampau sangat hingga menyebabkan kebencian.

  10. Tomok ddin’t dress up in white lab coat or acted like he is some genius or something although he took medic, unlike many malay movies. Asal doktor and medic students je mesti skema. What theeee?
  11. They are some funny bits in the movie, you surely won’t miss it.


Now, what I don’t like about the movies:-

  1. I never like Beto, maybe because I saw him in jangan ambil padang kami and masa tu dia macam emo. In this movie I think he overreacted as well, bila part marah. But other than that part, he was good.
  2. Cuma aku tak feel jiwang-sweet-aku-cair-tak-larat sensation with him.

    I even told jaja, kalau adik dia [zahiril adzim] yang berlakon, still boleh layan lagi. Masa aku cakap beto emo dalam wayang, jaja cakap aku potong feeling dia. Haha sorry Ja!

  3. Some part of the movie made me sad, buat aku rasa macam kena stab. Ini movie romaticn kelakar tapi aku hampir nak menangis. Bodoh!
  4. I just don’t get it how can you fall in love with someone yang kau kenal 2 minggu dan most of the time, you spend bergaduh with him/her.
  5. This is my theory though – they were lonely people and hurt, neglected. So bila sedikit ruang di isi, zapppppp zassss feeling itu datang.

    Peringatan sampingan – jangan bagi ruang itu wujud, if you are taken!

  6. Some cheesy scenes but they were not too bad for me.


That’s all I can think of.

If you want to just relaks and have something light yet good, go watch Istanbul, aku datang.

Aku rasa macam nak tengok seken time.

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  • Tuesday, 4 December 2012 - 9 am, 9:16 am aina iz


  • Monday, 19 November 2012 - 11 am, 11:00 am J. Khalilah

    thanks for the bit of info – i seriously did not know that zahiril is Beto’s little brother!

    • Monday, 19 November 2012 - 5 pm, 5:35 pm chics

      eh no, zahiril is my friend’s little brother, not beto’s

    • Monday, 19 November 2012 - 6 pm, 6:15 pm Chicsinred

      eh no, zahiril is my friend’s little borther, not beto’s.l

  • Saturday, 17 November 2012 - 6 pm, 6:18 pm Uda

    i love this movie too :-)

    p.s. part geli :Tomok – “baby… jangan la mcm ni baby…” Meremang bulu tengkuk ! eeeeuuuwww. HAHAHA


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