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 Lengthy reviews about app, unless you are a geek you might not be interested.

I love to download apps but there are only few that I really love.

Suka sangat sampai tahap ada yang aku rasa I can’t live without them [pathetic tak?].

Here are the apps, perhaps it can also help you as well, tapi apps ini untuk Iphone/Ipod or Ipad. Android ke apa, yang itu aku tak tahu.



1. Monsters Ate My Condo [$0.99]

Addictive game, basically you have to feed the monsters the same colour condo, kalau salah bagi makan, nanti monster mengamuk and hentak-hentak kaki. Cute tapi boleh buat kau menggelupur especially bila condo tu dah tinggi sebab boleh runtuh condo tu bila dia hentak kaki.

Combining same colour condos, will gain you bronze, silver, gold and  diamond.

Why I like it : Tak perlu internet connectionto play. Yes it connects to game center but without internet connection, you still can play.


What I don’t like about it: You cannot continue your game unless you click pause,kalau tersilapclick kelaur from the game, you have to restart.


2. Party In My Dorm [free]




You have a dorm and you have to hire your dormates , you can choose jocks, nerd, gothic girl and so on, each character have their own strenght.

Bila dah kuat, boleh battle dengan orang lain [fight or dance].

You also have to perform chores to get money to buy more rooms and upgrade your dormates.

Other players can hire you as their tutor as well.


Why I like this game: Sebab aku suka berangan dan suka mencari pasal dengan orang hehe.

What I don’t like about this game : Kalau kau tak kuat senang kena buli anddd without internet connection, cannot play at all.


3. Plant vs Zombie [$2.99]

A famous game and it’s one of my favs.

You have to plant all sorts of plants in order to stop the zombie from entering your house and eating your brain.

Menakutkan ok zombie ni, bunyi dia aaaaaa braiinnnn ahhhh, series aku rasa nak off je game tu kadang-kadang especially night mode yang ada kabus tak nampak.


Why I like this game: Cute and addictive, also dia ada few scenarios that won’t make you bored

What I don’t like about this game: The price.



1.Iperiod Ultimate [$1.99]

I love loveee this app and when my Iphone was stolen, I was miserable because I couldn’t track my menstrual cycle.


This app does not only track your cycle but also predicts your ovulation and your next period. You can also record your symptoms macam sentap ke, kuat makan ke, depressed ke etc lah.

And they also have charts based on your basal temp, if you record your basal temp everyday lah.

They also offer free version tapi free version adalah limited, after trying the free version I upgraded to the ultimate version.


Why I love this app: I don’t have to worry not writing down berapa hari period [in case kena ganti puasa and such]. bila start.bila habis etc.

What I don’t like about this app: Nothing



1. My Recipe Book [$1.99]


Now I can keep all my recipes at one place. Best thing about this app, it can search for your fav recipe on many cooking websiteand you can add it to this app. Tak payah tulis sesatu

Why I like it: I can now bring my gadget to the kitchen instead of selak kertas satu-satu and takut hilang, tak perlu bookmark page recipe lagi.

What I don’t like about this app: Still, kalau macamada recipe dekat blog, kena cut and paste. Malas. [keji gila,dah ada yang boleh search pun dah untung!]


2. Dropbox [free]

Whoever uses apple products knows that apple is a bitch when it comes to files transferring. Nak transfer begitu sahaja via bluetooth memanglah tak boleh [unless you jailbreak I guess],so the alternative is dropbox.

This app allows to you to transfer pictures, docs to and from between your devices and computer.

Kalau takde app ni boleh sakit otak ok!


Why I like this app: Make transfering possible and it’s free.

What I don’t like about this app: None so far.



1. Penultimate [$0.99]


Makes drawing, sketching and writing [manually] possible. SometimesI feel like writing with my own hands rather than using the keyboard so this app is the solution.


Why I like the app: I now can sketch my cake design on my devices and compile them. Andthis app also allow me to paste pictures on the same note, so senang nak buat analysis [cih macam apa je, padahal buat kek je pun]


What I don’t like about the app : I cannot embed it directly to the next app, Awesome note. I have to use Evernote if I wish to do this but I prefer Awesome note rather than the latter.


2. Awesome Note [$3.99]


 It is called awesome note because you can combine almost verything [almost!] in one app. Appointment, calendar, reminders, shopping list, embed pictures and you can password protect your folders.

I also like the fact that it looks like an organizer rather than a note book.


Why I like this app: Everything that a menggelupur and forgetful person need in one app.

What I don’t like about this app : The price is not so awesome.


3. iHandy Calculator [free, $0.99 for pro]



I downloaded the free version since the pro version comes with scientific function that I don’t need. If you buy the pro, you can also do some manual calculation [sketches] on the left side.


Why I like this app: It shows history on the left side when you put it horizontally. This is crucial for a forgetful person like me and it makes it easier to check my calculation

What I don’t like about this app: None so far.




1. Quran Explorer [$7.99] -full version


I had another quran app previously but I changed to this one.

It’s a great app – you could search for the surah that you want and then you can either read or play the recitation [there are many reciters, you can choose which one you prefer] or you can just go through the translations.

Why I love this app: Sometimes when I am not sure how to read certain ayat, I played that ayat in this app and the reciter will recite the correct way for me.

What I don’t like about this app: I have to download each surah one by one. It would be great if I can download every surah in a go.


2. Islamic Compass [$3.99]



Multiple beautiful background and azan.

Why I like this app: I don’t have to worry where is the qiblat whenever I travel now. And where I am staying, tak dengar azan so this app helps.

What I don’t like about this app: The compass can be quite confusing either that or I am bongok at reading compass.


Social Networking

The common ones are twitter, facebook, skype,YM and such but the one that I am going to list are not the common ones

1. Tweetbot [$2.99]


A client for twitter with cute user interface and sounds.

Why I like this app: You know how sometimes you get lost reading people conversation on twitter, with tweetbot you can view the history for all the conversation. You can also manage multiple twitter account in one app. Mentioning people or places are also very easy


What I don’t like about this app: It doesn’t have the approve followers options and lately it has been some lag in dispatching twits.


2. Flipboard [free]

Social News magazine where you can choose your sources from many publishers. Mine is celebrity news, geekology, holy moly to name a few. You could also include facebook and twitter if you like.

Why I like this app: It’s like reading magazines tapi free dan banyak. Di sinilah saya mengasah bakat kak nam saya tentang gossip gossip hollywood.

What I don’t like about this app: Under local section, tak ada section for Malaysia. Letihla nak baca gossip or berita dalam negara bukak website satu-satu.



Instagram is a famous one, jadi aku malas nak tulis.

1. Laminar [$2.99]

Masa aku download tu free tapi sekarang dah tak free. This app let you tweak your photos so it will suit your needs.

Why I like this app: I don’t have to transfer my photos to pc for editing anymore, with this app, I can just edit and upload.

What I don’t like about this app: You have to be familiar with photo editing to use it [but not too difficultla]


2. Camera+  [$0.99- on sale. I don't remember the normal price]


Easier to use than laminar tapi tak extensive sangatlah. Still, it’s good enough for me since it offers quite many filters. You can edit pictures directly taken from this app or you can choose photos from your camera rolls.

Why I like this app: Straightforward and the filters and scenes offers quite good selections. Ada flash juga.

What I don’t like about this app:  Untuk pemalas macam aku, aku malas nak fetch from photo rolls, edit and transfer to instagram. Pemalasla katakan.



So that’ about it. Sorry panjang berjela, aku pun naik bosan nak type tapi I hope somehow it could help someone sebab masa aku nak download app aku selalu akan carik dulu review sesuatu app, unless it’s freelah.


Ok dah, tataaaaaaaaa.



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  • Tuesday, 24 July 2012 - 9 am, 9:43 am far

    tq for the info. selalu nak tahu app ape org guna tapi malu nak tanya!

  • Monday, 23 July 2012 - 2 pm, 2:31 pm muna

    chics, ko bleh try search apps nama iman. kawan aku yg buat. kompas dia senang, terus point kaabah gitu. waktu solat pun sedut jakim punya. ada gak bleh pilih nk pakai jakim tu or pakai calculation based. try aa. free je. nak kumpul saham akhirat motifnya, hihi.

  • Sunday, 22 July 2012 - 7 pm, 7:02 pm idlan

    Chics, boleh nak integrate local content kat Flipboard tu, I use Google Reader to aggregate the RSS of local stuff and then integrate dengan Flipboard .. gosip artis never looked so good!

  • Saturday, 21 July 2012 - 4 am, 4:35 am Uda

    nk cuba main monsters ate my condo lah :-)

    p.s. dh download dh nie :P


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