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I have this earring stand that emak bought me years ago, she knew how much I love earrings and how much I love to sepah-sepahkan them :P

But recently, I have no more space to put my earrings and they look so untidy because I had to arrange them closely. They were quite difficult to take off as well because of the way their being positioned.

I also had lost few pairs sebabI have been putting them everywhere due to lack of space and this really bothers me.

Crowded :(

I was telling Nicky yesterday that I wanted to go to Nilai 3 to buy new earring stand but being me, of courselah aku tak reti nak drive.

Guess what? Today Saiful called me and asked me whether or not I want to go to Nilai 3 with him, sebab dia nak beli ding dang and tora [I know!] dengan banyak dan rakus sekali.

Jadi dengan gembiranya aku pun kata nak pergi.

Dan seperti biasa, niat nak beli 1 benda tapi balik dengan membeli lebih 2 benda.



In my defense, I need all the stuff and I shall explain why. Motif nak explain bagai? Sebab sukati akula. Heheh.

No 1 [most left] is the new earrings stand, I forgot how many pairs it can hold -sebab Saiful yang tolong kirakan [aku kan lemah matematik :P] but I definitely love it.

More space -

Four level with four angels and boleh berpusing – so I can just choose any earrings that I want to wear without much hassle. After arranging the earrings, there 1 more empty side [mind you, I left some holes so they look more tidy], meaning more earrings to buy :D



The price? RM 3o only!


No 2 is a set of boxes[tin boxes]. I mean, how can you resist yourself from buying these cute boxes that only cost RM30 per set? I have my make up and some other beauty stuff laying around [tapi tak sebanyak Zeeka ok!] and I needed a place to put sumbat them so they won’t look so semak.

No 3 is a bracelet/bangle stand. When I saw it, I was like wowwww now I can arrange my bangle, like how super suka is that? I bought one thinking it would be sufficient.


Turns out to be, tak cukup. I forgot that I was given some bangles during my recent trip. Should have bought another 2.


Number 4 is another tin box, this time yang panjang, to store my brushes and lips stick/gloss. I do have a foldable brush case but I find it easier if I have a place to put all of them while I am at home. Bila travel baru guna the case.


No 5 is a cadar set, tapi without quilt cover. Still the price RM39 made me buy them anyway. I mean, RM39 for fucking queen set bed set? Kau gila ke tak nak beli?

No 6 is a rehal. I don’t know what you call it but I call it rehal. I need it because I prefer to put my Quran down while reading. Saw a few in Shah Alam, ada yang dibuat dari plastik and I don’t like and kalau yang kayu macam mahal melampau [eventhough, apa salahnya beli rehal memahal ye tak?]. This one cost only RM20 and I really love it!


The final one, no 7, adalah a ring case.

I don’t own many rings, but I always misplaced them. Sangat benci bila kau nak pakai lepas lepas tu tak jumpa.

Just a few :)

I love rings tapi masalahnya susah nak jumpa saiz aku.

By the way, yang merah tu Tinah beli dekat Dubai. Pandai betul Tinah belikan kaler merah hihi.


Was thinking to get a black case so syncronise dengan bangle case tapi takde kaler hitam pulak untuk saiz ni. Pink pun pink lah.


In all I spend about RM 150 for everything.

So yeah, I was one happy bunny!



P/S. I fall in love with this electric scooter for girl, wanted to buy it for Adra tapi dia kecik sangat. Adra, cepat sikit besar, nak beli niii. Tak tahan sebab cute sangatttttt.

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  • Wednesday, 18 April 2012 - 12 am, 12:05 am Uda

    electric scooter tu makcik die yg nk main sebenarnyer :-)

    p.s. sakan berborong barang. hehehe

  • Monday, 16 April 2012 - 10 pm, 10:00 pm Mursapap

    Sila beri nama specific kedai itu agar saya juga boleh orgasma sekali!! Nak juga!

  • Monday, 16 April 2012 - 8 pm, 8:03 pm Zeekaa

    Padan la montot aku panas ! Aku dikeji disini! Bahahahahahaha


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