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Have you ever went out for dinner with someone or few people when one of them suddenly got a phone call and started talking dari mula makan sampai habis?

Tak pun, kejap-kejap tet tet, sms, kejap kejap berbunyi dan kejap-kejap texting.

Aku pernah and I find it very annoying.

Apaaa? ..nyam..nyamm you kene..nyam nyam *Annoying!

In a day, there is only few moment when you can get the time to enjoy quality time together especially if your schedule is hectic and to me one of them is waktu makan.

Since I was small, I am used to having waktu makan as waktu berkumpul. No matter what you are doing, how busy are you at the moment, you have to stop to enjoy meal together with the family. And masa makan tulah bercerita itu ini. It’s like a bonding session for me.

Can we not just have that moment, without any gangguan dari luar?

I find it’s rude too, here I am trying to spend my time, making conversation and there you are engross either talking on the phone or texting. As if I am not interesting enough [cough]. Macamlah takde waktu lain nak cakap dekat telefon kannnn. Depann akuuuuuuuu jugak kau nak cakap.

Plus, it’s a simple etiquette pon.

I mean kalau setakat nak angkat cakap 2 menet it’s ok, tapi ni kalau berejammmmmmmmmm. Tak pun selang 3 menet bunyi sms masuk lepas tu balas-balas. Boiling my blood only ok.

Thank God my bedmate hardly does it, adalah sekali tu pun masa birthday aku. Rasa nak jerit je tapi nasib baik keadaan masih terkawal and he did that for me. Ok tetibe para ini berbau sungguh selfish; but who cares.

But yeah, if I have kids in the future, handphone will be banned from the dinner table. Although many people perceive it’s as normal and ok but not me.

Eh tapi sebenanrnya, kalau aku ada nak, mungkin dia takkan merasa pakai handphone lansung. Hehe

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  • Friday, 26 March 2010 - 4 pm, 4:52 pm ieda

    ada org tu i sampai tertido tunggu dia balik nak makan durian sama2. dah dapat makan baru je nak suap seulas, dia cakap kat fon. sampai abis sebijik durian i makan. haha geram gila okay. :evil:
    .-= ieda´s last blog gathering – our booth! =-.

    • Sunday, 28 March 2010 - 10 pm, 10:02 pm chics

      Geram jugakla kalau kene macam tu, silap-silap i letak hempuk durian tu nanti hehe

  • Friday, 26 March 2010 - 4 am, 4:38 am azalea

    i pun x suka. rasa geram betul sbb baru nak start conversation je org interrupt with phone calls, it'll spoil the mood. benci3 dgn org yg call tu.
    .-= azalea´s last blog ..Perasan =-.

    • Sunday, 28 March 2010 - 10 pm, 10:03 pm chics

      Itulakan, nak-nak yang call tu orang office, macam hoiii don’t you bloody know I also need him and this is past office hours?

  • Friday, 26 March 2010 - 2 am, 2:51 am joegrimjow

    sebut pasal besday ni
    jgn lupe 20hb 4 ni
    .-= joegrimjow´s last blog ..nak jadi pokok boleh? =-.

    • Sunday, 28 March 2010 - 10 pm, 10:04 pm chics

      Wahh tetibe hahaha, birthday kita plak camanaaa?

  • Thursday, 25 March 2010 - 12 pm, 12:16 pm Uda

    not important call, let it rang. can call back later. if important ask permission, “i’m sorry (sipolan polan), i have to take this”. pg jauh sikit, jgn dok berckp otphone depan org. tell the caller, “i’m in a middle of dinner now so, i’ll call u back ok”. sambung mkn. texting, can wait after dinner.

    p.s. i kechik2 kalau tk dok mkn bersama2 time dinner, ayah akan tampar kepala….
    .-= Uda´s last blog ..Fujitsu Lifebook L1010 Windows 7 Bluetooth Driver =-.

    • Monday, 29 March 2010 - 6 am, 6:05 am chics

      I pon, nanti kene marah kalau tak makan sama-sama. I miss those moment :(

  • Thursday, 25 March 2010 - 11 am, 11:03 am dils

    Yeah. I have the same problem, but it applies to when in car.

    I will be really mad if my husband answered a call, and talked from start to the end of the journey. Bile aku sampai rumah, aku hempas pintu bilik. It is too annoying.

    1. You are alone in the car with him and it is boring to have no one to talk to.

    2. Kena perlahankan radio, so no added entertainment.

    3. Adalah dangerous sebab satu tangan handphone, satu tangan pegang stereng.

    4. Aku terasa macam orang bodo di situ.

    Ugh. I have to remind him again and again, asked them to call you back. Nothing is that important.

    • Monday, 29 March 2010 - 6 am, 6:08 am chics

      Ohh me toooooooooooooooooooooo. Benci gila, kadang-kadang I can't help but bitching hoping the other person would hear me, un;ess it's his family then I wouldn't mind.

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