Now you can make your own taufu fah!

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One of the thing that I miss being in Brunei is buying taufu fah whenever going to pasar malam. Yes I could have them at some Chinese restaurant but it’s not the same as sipping them while lounging on the sofa either with a book in a hand or watching a movie.

Few months ago, I came across a recipe on how to prepare them. One of the ingredients is quite tricky but I managed to get them during my short trip home. I am sure I could find it here too [I hope] but wasn’t too sure where I could get it from.

Anyway, let me seduce you with my own version of taufu fah.


Taufu fah with gula apong

Taufu fah with gula apong

So the ingredients!

  • 150 g of soya beans [to be honest aku agak-agak je, I didn't really weight them]
  • 1 liter of water 
  • 1 and a half tbsp of corn flour *
  • 1/2 tsp of sekko or GDL*
  • 1/2 cup of water*
  • Gula apong/ gula melaka[palm sugar], brown sugar or just white sugar – depending on your taste
  • A clean towel
  • a pot/container with a lid.

To be honest, when I wanted to buy the soya beans I was like.. how the hell do they look like? Sakai tak sakai aku ni?

Soya beans

Soya beans

This is how they look like, I bought them at the dry ingredients [nuts and such- timbang kilo]/spices section from Giant.

The sekko or GDL thing is the one that I thought was tricky because I have idea what the hell that thing is. From my reading on the recipe’s page, it could be found at bakery supply shop. So when I was in Shah Alam, I headed to Bagus and found it there. Not sure whether sekko is the same thing as GDL though.


So this is how it looks like

So this is how it looks like


As for gula apong, there is how it looks like

Also known as gula enau or anau - according to the local

Also known as gula enau or anau – according to the local

If you bake often, you would notice it looks similar to baking soda, natrium bicarbonate, cream of tartar etc. So be sure to read the label carefully because there will be some idiots mixing the bottles in a section.


  1. Soak the beans for about 4 to 5 hours. When it’s done you will see that your beans are bigger then the dried ones
  2. Like any other beans, soya beans comes with outher layer [kulit?] so ramas them to extract the skin. To be honest, I got lazy and only did this half way.
  3. Blend the beans with 1 litre of water.
  4. Filter them using a muslin cloth-filter – something like penapis teh used by mamak.
  5. Mix the ingredients which are mark as * together. Stir well.
  6. Boil the air tapisan or we can also call it air soya. The original recipe called for screw pine leaves to be boiled together with the air soya but I had none so aku belasah je boil macam tu. Next time I shall try to boil it with a little bit of ginger – if you love chinese taufu fah, you will understand what I mean.
  7. Stir it occasionally untuk elakkan from berkerak or hangus on the sides.
  8. When it is done boiling [make sure berbuih-buih ok], turn off the fire.
  9. Pour the soy milk into another pot/ container.
  10. Add the GDL + corn flour + water mixture into the air soya and stir for a short while. Tak payah beriya nak stir sangat. Ini bukan buat cupcakes :P
  11. Place the towel on top of the pot/container and cover with the lid. The reason why I use a towel is so that the towel will absorb the steam from the milk – so it won’t drop back in. Plus it sort of makes the pot/container air tight which is good for the proses pengerasan.
  12. Leave it for an hour. Try not to take a peek. I know it’s hard but just try hehe.
  13. While waiting for the soya milk to transform into taufu fah, prepare the air gula.
  14. Since gula apong is widely available here, I used it instead of gula melaka. Gula apong taste less sweet than gula Melaka but still have that intense taste.
  15. Add the gula of your choice, add water. The level of water is according to your preference. If you like it thick, use less water and vice versa.
  16. Boil the ingredients until the gula dissolved. Let cool.

If you like your taufu fah to be served hot, you are ready to go but if you are like me, you could keep both the taufu fah and the air gula in the fridge to cool. Some like to omit the ugly surface on top of the tuufu fah but I didn’t mind it.

Ini bukan air teh, ini adalah air gula apong

Ini bukan air teh, ini adalah air gula apong

After few hours, scoop them andddddd enjoy.


Slurp. Slurp.




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Cupped and dotted

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Last Friday we headed to Miri to buy things for the new house. We are already moving in, not completely – still commuting between Belait and Bandar. Surely the new house needs to be filled – plates, electronics and shits.

After getting things done, we had some spare time in our hand. Swirly said he wanted to go for a foot massage and well, as for me, after screening at the menu, I decided to go for cupping.

Foot massage is a big no-no for me, unless it’s done in some kind of spa where the massages are therapeutic rather than agonising.

I keep asking the ah moi will it be painful or not and finally she said

“Aiyaaaa, macam bekam maaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

The hell. Aku bekam manalah pernah buat. Not helping.


I thought it will be the blood suction type of cupping but unluckily [or was it luckily?] it was more to cupping angin. Dang. I wanted it to be the bloody one, you know it’s been a while since I unleash the drama queen in me.

She said, she doesn’t know how to perform the bloody type and I thought, what the hell, angin pun anginlah. Bagus gak, aku dahla kuat kentut.


So I was told to get topless [while she look at my mosquito-bitten boobies like naked is nothing new] and lie facing down. I told her, I have low tolerance to pain. She said, not to worry, tell her if it hurts she will be more gentle.

She started off by massaging my back. It was merely massaging but her hands were so strong that I yelled in pain. Like any typical massaging masseurs, she just laughed but did not lessen her pressure.


And then it begins, the cupping session only that it feels like my back was being pinched by the black besi paper clipper rather than being cupped. It did feel like my skin and flesh were being sucked but the after pain is more like getting them clipped. Initially she asked me about my pain preference but after a while she took things with her on hands.

There were times that I feel my boobies hurt so much [apa kaitan tah!] that perhaps I should shift my position a little but but after doing that the pain was still there. It was not my boobies but the pain on my back made me feel it that way.

Some parts were ok but some parts were hell.

Pernah kepit pengepit baju or paper clip dekat ketiak?  If tak pernah, please do so you can understand my agony.

But then, there were some parts that hurt like shit in the beginning but feels good towards the end. I don’t know whether that’s psychological or not because logically, after clamping something [your body part], you will feel good after the blood flow freely again into the region kan?


She: You selalu sakit pinggang?

Me: Err, not really, bila time nak period je. Bahu lagi selalu sakit. Kenapa?

She: Pinggang you lepas cupping, hitam maaaa.

Me: Haaa? Hitammmm?


Me: Eh ni semua berapa lama mau hilang? Lama ke?

She: *Hesitated*. 5 hari macam tulah.


Because I have a petite frame, the session end quickly, much to my liking haha.  It was quick but I felt that time passed soooo slowly!


As I was getting dressed, I did feel the difference. My body feels lighter, especially the shoulder parts.

Before I left, she told me some final words


“Itu nanti badan akan sakit-sakit tau!”


Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Dah aku siap kene kepit apa bagai, baru kau nak bagi tau kan.


True enough, I didn’t have to wait long, letak handbag dekat bahu pun dah sakit. And sleeping that night, was an agony as well, especially using a new untamed pillow.


I did not get to see how did my back looked until we reached home.




According to her, the darker the spots are, the more angin that spot had.

Not sure whether I will try them again, perhaps the bloody type next time. But I am not too convinced 1


It has been 5 days but my polka dots are still very much visible.




  1. But then we only live once, so why not try everything?

{ 2 shake-shake }


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I dreamed of ayah last night.

I went somewhere with emak and he was there. All handsome, smiling and telling people about his job, as always. And you know what, the person he was talking to was Chika’s husband.

I did not understand why he was there because I knew he was no longer with us. I got scared and confused but happy at the same time. Happy that he was looking happy and healthy. 


And then something happened, I got into trouble and he saved me.

Like he always did, making sure I feel ok and safe.



Oh I miss you ayah.

You are the only man that loved me more than I could ask for.


I hope you are doing good over there.

I hope He hears my prayers to spare you from any misery.


I love you.

{ 2 shake-shake }

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